Getting the Legal Advice That You Need May Help You in the Long Run

Written by Wall Street News on December 4th, 2017. Posted in Complex commercial disputes, Judge stephen m. orlofsky, Securities litigation

Civil rights

Finding the right legal representative when you are facing a challenge can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you are facing contract disputes or you are looking for someone to help you understand Medicare fraud cases, finding the right legal advice is often a good idea. From commercial litigation to intellectual property law, finding a legal team that can help you understand the options that are available may assist you in making decisions that will impact your future.
Too often, people who are facing legal challenges are completely overwhelmed. Rather than looking for an attorney or a legal team

The Legal System From Bankruptcy Cases to Saving the World

Written by Wall Street News on October 13th, 2016. Posted in Judge james moody, Judge stephen m. orlofsky, Personal injury litigation

Securities fraud

In a world where 7 billion people are vying for their voices to be heard, you are bound to have a few voices that conflict with one another. And sometimes it seems almost impossible to reach any sort of agreement that both parties will be happy with. However history has taught us, and is still teaching us, as it turns out, that war and fighting are also not sufficient responses to disagreements, as they will also inevitably reach an outcome that not everyone is happy with, and likely do much more damage along the way.

This is true of fighting on any level, from the most horrific of battle situations down to the heated unmediated verbal dispute. The solution must be reached through discussion, as difficult as it may be and as impossible as it may seem. This is where legal mediation comes in, and why