Why Your Business needs 24-7 Answering Service

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An after hours answering services might not seem like the key to increasing profits and sales but consider this: the valuation of losses caused by poor customer service is calculated to be $62 Billion dollars every year. A customer who has a bad interaction is less likely to use your business, recommend your business to others, and most importantly spend money on your business. The question is what’s the best way to address this problem.

The Advantage of After Hours Answering Services

Nothing can replace actual human interaction. Statistically, it’s been found 4 out of 5 people will hang up the phone as soon as they hear voicemail. This issue is not fixed by providing other options for contact, such as waiting in line at a customer service department or sending a complaint by email. Statistics show that phone contact is by an overwhelming margin the preferred method for customers to contact businesses (79%). After hours answering services provide the human connection necessary to m

Finding the Best Phone Answering Service

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Telephone call answering service

By instituting business phone answering services for your business, you are able to provide customers with a way to contact you around the clock. In fact, you may have talked with virtual receptionists before since most doctors and dentists use them to cover gaps in 24 hour phone service. Your business could leverage telephone answering services so that you do not miss any potential client phone calls. For some businesses, a missed phone call probably means a lost sale.

Selecting a live phone answering service
that adapts to your needs can be a rather simple process with some initial research. Most business phone answering services can tailor their live greetings and communications