Don’t Make This Simple Mistake During Your Move

Written by Wall Street News on January 6, 2019. Posted in Paper, Protection for painting, Temporary floor protection

If you are moving house soon it’s vital that you have a plan. It’s very common for first-time movers to make simple mistakes such as having too few boxes or a inadequate transportation. But what mistakes might a more seasoned mover make? A common mistake is actually failing to protect the flooring, especially if it is hardwood or laminate. Protective floor coverings can help.

Why Should You Be Concerned About the Flooring When Moving House?

It’s important to take care of the flooring because you should be cognizant of the people moving in after you. Imagine if you were to move into a new apartment or house with nicks and rips in the flooring that weren’t there before you signed a contract. You would not be pleased. So do the right thing, and think about how your moving day could effect the occupants taking your place.

What Options Are Available When Protecting Floors?

Protective floor coverings can be made of a variety of materials, however not all are equally protective. For example, an old blanket thrown over a laminate floor is protecting it somewhat. However there are many other better temporary floor protection options.

Cardboard floor protection is another quick fix, with similar issues. Both of these options are cheap and quick. Even better, most people will have at least one of these materials on hand at the time of their move. The problem comes from the fact that neither are meant to be used as a protective floor covering.

What Should a Protective Floor Covering Actually Do?

Yes, it is in the name that a protective floor covering should offer a floor protection by, well, covering it. But if that was all that was required the aforementioned blanket or sheet of cardboard would be a fine option. It is important to also consider the safety of the movers while they move heavy furniture, which necessitates the need for a cover that will not cause accidentally slippage.

Is the Answer to Just Have Carpeting Instead of Hardwood Floors or Laminate?

Hardwood, tile, and laminate floors do need a little extra care when you move into or out of a home. But it would be a mistake to believe that carpeting is the superior flooring. It comes down to the difficulty of keeping carpeting truly clean.

Did you know that it’s possible for a carpet to hold onto one pound of dirt and dust per square yard before it appears dirty? The problem is worse for homes with HVAC systems, which are known for recycling the air up to six times a day on heavy use days. Overtime the result is a buildup not just in the carpeting but in the HVAC ducts as well.

Moving day can be stressful in even the most well-planned homes. Creating damage to the house as you are vacating is a surefire way to make things worse. This can easily be avoided by having a plan, and by putting the correct protective materials in place.

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