Protecting Workers and Surfaces During Construction

Written by Wall Street News on March 5th, 2019. Posted in Carpet shield, Corrugated, Temporary floor protection

Construction is a massive industry in the United States, as there is constant demand to build new homes, office buildings, malls, banks, and more. Many construction crews will be hard at work on a project, but as the adage goes, safety first. This applies not only to the workers, but also to the finished materials they are working with. Paint and paint thinner, silicate dust, glue, and more might get onto a surface and ruin it, such as drywall, floor tiles, or door jambs or even glass. For this reason, plastic sheets can be spread across the floor or door jamb protectors may be used as well. This can prevent time-consuming cleanup work if construction materials end up on a surface where they weren’t meant to go. During work, any responsible construction worker will use door jamb protectors, floor protection, a carpet shield, and more to keep everything neat and tidy. And o

Don’t Make This Simple Mistake During Your Move

Written by Wall Street News on January 6th, 2019. Posted in Paper, Protection for painting, Temporary floor protection

If you are moving house soon it’s vital that you have a plan. It’s very common for first-time movers to make simple mistakes such as having too few boxes or a inadequate transportation. But what mistakes might a more seasoned mover make? A common mistake is actually failing to protect the flooring, especially if it is hardwood or laminate. Protective floor coverings can help.

Why Should You Be Concerned About the Flooring When Moving House?

It’s important to take care of the flooring because you should be cognizant of the people moving in after you. Imagine if you were to move into a new apartment or house with nicks and rips in the flooring that weren’t there before you signed a contract. You would not be pleased. So do the right thing, and think about how your moving day could effect the occupants taking your place.

What Options Are Available When Protecting Floors?

Protective floor coverings can be made of a variety of materials, however