Four Factors to Consider Before You Buy an Industrial Steam Generator

Written by Wall Street News on August 31, 2016. Posted in Conveyor belt cleaners, Dry vapor steam, Industrial conveyor belt cleaner

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Are you shopping for industrial steam generators? Industrial steam generators is a tool that spans across industries. Industrial steam generators are used to sterilize surgical instruments. Industrial steam generators are of course used in steam cleaning systems. Industrial steam generators are used for commercial conveyor belt cleaners. The sky is the limit on the function and value of industrial steam generators.

If you’re in the market for industrial steam generators, you should know that not all equipment by that name is created equally. A good industrial steam generator is a pretty hefty investment, before signing the dotted line, you should make sure that your equipment is worth the price tag. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of four factors to consider.

Four Things to Consider Before Investing in Industrial Steam Generators

  1. The Boiler Temperature

    The entire value of a dry steam generator is created by the temperature of the boiler. The hotter the boiler gets, the higher the pressure of the steam and the dryer it is. However, some dry steam generator manufacturers makes claims that seem too good to be true. The law of thermodynamics limits the amount that the boiler temperature is capable of. Manufacturers can make all the claims they wish, but science and physics are unchanging. You can use a simple steam table to verify that the manufacturer’s claims for boiler temperature is actually accurate.

    However, bear in mind that the temperature of the steam in the boiler goes down significantly once it leaves the boiler. The size and shape of the tip has an impact on maintaining the dry steam to serve the purpose you need it for. That brings us to our next point:

  2. Tip Temperature

    While the boiler is where the magic is made on a dry steam generator, the temperature of the tip of the steam gun is what actually does the work for you. So if the dry steam generator manufacturer claims that the boiler gets to one infinity degrees, that all well and good as long as the tip can maintain that temperature. Most steam generators can reach tip temperatures of approximately 212 degrees, a great dry steam generator will give you a tip temperature of 320 degrees. The important thing is to actually test the tip temperature before buying the whole shebang.

  3. Steam Capacity

    The term “steam capacity” refers to how many pounds of steam the generator can create, per hour. Even if the boiler can reach the necessary temperature, and the tip can maintain it, the entire unit is useless unless it can maintain the steam production throughout the time that you need it. Before purchasing a dry steam generator, ask about the duration that the steam generator can produce steam, and how many pounds it is capable of. It’s also a good idea to make sure that the steam output, temperature, and moisture levels are adjustable, if the nature of your work will require fluctuating levels of steam. (As always, verify the capacity claims on an actual unit, to ensure they are accurate.)

  4. Hoses and Attachments
    The accessories that you use to actually deliver the steam to the intended purpose are just as important as the steam generators’ boiler, tip, and capacity. They’re also going to be handling intense amounts of heat and pressure, for extended lengths of time. You need to know that the hoses and attachments that come with the dry steam generator are as durable as the unit itself. Other considerations for the hoses and attachments of the steam generator before you buy include:
    • Do the attachments work with other equipment? If you have a specific attachment that your job requires, will it work with the steam generator?
    • Does the manufacturer offer other attachments that work with the system, or is it more of a one-trick-pony?

    • Is there any manufacturer’s warranty on the hoses and attachments, so that if they inevitably wear out, they’ll be replaced?

There are a number of reasons you might be in the market for a dry steam generator. Whatever the reason is, before you buy, you should make sure that the unit you take home is worth the price tag. The boiler temperature, the tip temperature, the capacity, and the attachments are important factors to consider.

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