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Written by Wall Street News on January 11, 2018. Posted in City of chicago building permits, Permit expediters, Residential building permit

Residential building permits

Physical signage is one of the key issues in promoting your business, despite the digital age we live in. Is it worth is to add or upgrade your signage: will it make a difference? If so, how do you go about it: do you need a building permit expediter to help you get permissions, for example? Last, what kind of sign is the right one for you: what will catch people?s attention and be placed so drivers can make a decision to turn in?

Is It Worth It?

Admittedly, it will cost money to add or upgrade signs. With so much business being done on the web and via smartphone apps, is it really worthy spending anything on your physical signs? The answer is a definite yes! 65% of businesses report that their revenue increased when they made significant sign changes.
Research shows that even now, 75% of people say they have mentioned a business to others just because of its sign. More than 50% of buyers admit that poor signage does keep them out of a business; and 60% say they wouldn?t go in at all if there isn?t a sign. Finally, 67% of polled consumers say they bought an item or a service because of the sign that advertised it.

How Do You Go About It

Whatever type you get there is some groundwork that has to be done first. There are a lot of things to be considered. You?ll need a permit to put up your sign, and you might need permit help to get it done. A building permit expediter can help you figure out what steps you need to take and offer other permit services, as well. For example, you might need the building permit expediter to help you navigate zoning laws or development regulations and see what you?re even allowed to do in your area. That will affect the type of sign you choose.
The building permit expediter can also let you know about all the relevant city and county ordinances that may regulate what type of lighting you can use. They can help you apply for an exception to rules, if you have a reason for them. For example, if your building is unusually far from or close to the road, you might be given permission to do things a bit differently. And of course, your building permit expediter is there to expedite the whole process: saving you money in the end by making sure you get through the red tape as smoothly and quickly as possible.

What Kind of Sign is Right for You?

Once permit expediting services have helped you figure out what you?re permitted to do where you are, you can then choose wisely in terms of lighted or unlighted, LED or electronic, etc. Bear in mind a few important rules of thumb, however. First, if your sign is parallel to the roadway, it needs to be 75% larger than one that is mounted perpendicular, or it cannot be read in time by the average motorist. The bigger the sign, essentially, the more time you give people to read it and make a decision about stopping in before they?ve passed it up.
But remember that bigger is not always better, and that any unfamiliar or hard words will take a bit longer to read. If you pack your sign with too much information, a lot of motorists will just ignore it. Most signage providers will having tables showing the rates of car speed and lane changes and the minimum distance required for drivers to be able to read your sign. Then you just need to know the speed limit on the road outside your business, as well as the number of lanes, and you can decide if your sign is the right size and height.

Good signage is essential to good business. If you?re not getting the business you want and need, it might be time to add or upgrade your signs and attract some attention.

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