Identity Theft Prevention

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Identity Theft Prevention

Identity theft has risen tremendously over the past decade, including incidences of identity theft jumping up 16% from 2015 to 2016. While there are steps that can be taken once a person?s identity has been stolen, prevention is key. The ideal prevention is achieved through professional shredding services. Leaving a paper trail for the hackers not only entices them to steal one?s identity, but make it that much more effortless to do so. Local businesses offer professional shredding services that will greatly cut down on the paper trail left behind from utility bills, bank account statements, and any other documents that may contain personal information. These professional document shredding services eliminate the information that is easily accessible, since nearly 90% of identity thefts use information gained from print sources rather than those found online.

Why Is Identity Theft A Problem?

Outside of the repercussions one may feel from having their identity stolen, it may take years to recoup what has been damaged. Theft can occur not only on a personal level, but to businesses, as well. In 2015, businesses were affected by 312 data breaches, which affected 16.2 million people. Big or small, identity thieves know no boundaries. Professional shredding services work as a way to prevent identity theft that can in-turn cost millions of dollars to companies and consumers.

What Can You Do?

There?s a one-in-33 chance you?ll have your identity stolen in the next year according to the Federal Trade Commission. There is no reason to take this risk when there are local companies that provide professional document shredding services. These professional shredding services offer a peace of mind with their services. These services include secure document destruction with the option to schedule your shredding, or a one time document purge, which serves as an ideal way to safeguard personal information. The 2015 Data Security Incident Response Report by law firm BakerHostetler revealed that one in five breaches that the firm handled in 2014 involved paper records. The professional shredding services are on-site, at a facility that ensures a way to get rid of documents indefinitely. Document disposal is the best bet to preventing identity theft, so visit your local document shredding company today.

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