Maintaining A Business Means Maintaining The Smaller Details

Written by Wall Street News on September 25, 2018. Posted in In-store marketing, Last minute promotions, Shelf tags

Though it is true that, in this day and age, a good amount of consumer shopping takes place via the internet, there is still a market for actual, physical stores. Indeed, it is estimated that around 94% of all retail sales are still made in a physical store. Due to the competitiveness of online shopping, however, those that are in the retail business need to be smarter, and better about the way they approach their business.

One of the simple yet major things that businesses can do to increase sales, is to invest in shelf edge label printing software that is suited for your particular business needs. Said shelf edge label printing software can be used for everything from last minute promotions to simple grocery store shelf labels, and everything in between necessary to help strengthen your brand, your store.

It is estimated that 68% of American shoppers that have made a purchase did so because of a sign that caught their attention; furthermore, recent studies, including one done by Brigham Young University, have shown that properly signed merchandise typically outsells merchandise that is not signed by about 20%. Changing signage to reflect where merchandise has been moved to, or sales that are currently on-going, is therefore monumental to meeting sales goals.

In the ever changing landscape that is retail, many businesses recognize how important it is to respond when their competitors change their own prices. Often times, a competitor changing their price on something, or having a new on-going sale or special, will trigger a new sale or special in other stores. This is reportedly the case with around 55% of retailers.

Due to this constant back and forth, it is truly of the utmost importance that the retail associates in charge of changing the signage are on top of their job, and have access to the proper tools and shelf edge label printing software that their company so decides to use.

Indeed, online shopping might be the way of the future, but for many, shopping in physical stores hasn’t gone away completely, and businesses need to be prepared and ready to handle everything that comes with maintaining a proper business. Lest they lose completely to the world of online shopping.

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