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Written by Wall Street News on September 25, 2018. Posted in Homepage

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Aug 2019 Update — The economy, at least in the US, continues to move strongly. The stock market has hit more all-time highs, even since we wrote this. But how long can this bull market last? The Federal Reserve has started to take steps that imply the economy is slowing, and this has some investors worried. They were raising rates as we came out of the unprecedented quantitative easing after the 2008 recession. They, essentially, had to undo what they had spent years building into the market after the crash. Have we seen the full impact of their reversal? This is debatable. They seem to be worried that the economy is running out of steam and can’t sustain the current growth. This may hint at another recession on the horizon – which the bulls very much want to pretend can’t happen.


According to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 12 million American workers are currently unemployed. However, businesses report nearly four million open jobs that they are having trouble filling. This means that there is not only a skills gap, but a “training gap,” according to Eric Spiegel in the Wall Street Journal. If you are currently looking for work, this statistic might seem scary and make finding a job seem like an even more difficult feat than it already is. But, there are things you can do, like keeping up with the latest Wall Street news today to learn all about your industry, to stand out in the competitive job market to capture a coveted spot.

Though sitting down and reading a Wall Street news paper might seem like a way to simply pass the time, doing so can be a valuable process. There are lots of people competing for the same job who all have similar backgrounds and training, so it can be hard to set yourself apart. If you are in the financial industry, gaining an in depth knowledge of all the current events and statistics can be a good way to do so. As a result, taking the time to sit down and read the Wall Street Journal or other papers every day could prove to be quite worthwhile.

Nowadays, there might be several options for receiving the latest Wall Street breaking news, especially with the growth of the web. However, the Journal remains king. It has a distribution of 2.4 million, including 900,000 digital subscriptions. For comparison, USA Today only has a distribution of about 1.7 million. This means that it is the premiere resource for getting updates about important Wall Street news today and a helpful tool for anyone looking to gain a bit of a competitive edge for their job hunt.

If you are searching for a job and are either in school or working at another one to make sure bills are paid, it can be tough to find the time in your schedule to sit down and read the WSJ or any other publication. Fortunately, the internet makes the information that they provide more accessible than ever before. It allows you to get updates right from your desk at work or even while on the go if you have a smartphone or tablet. As a result, time restraints should not be an issue when it comes to getting informed. Online and mobile applications all you to get Wall Street news today at your own convenience.

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