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Written by Wall Street News on April 28, 2016. Posted in Church marquee signs, Commercial business signs, Full color led signs

Marquee signs for schools

If only making decisions in live were as easy as following messages created and displayed by the full color LED signs and marquee signs that line the streets and businesses that we pass every day. Consider some of the most interesting, funny, and inspirational signs:

  • Whoever Is Praying for Rain Can Stop Now
  • Hipster Jesus Loved You Before You Were Cool
  • If History Repeats Itself, I’m So Getting a Dinosaur
  • Help Me Be the Person My Dog Thinks I Am
  • Life Ain’t No Dress Rehearsal
  • Don’t Be So Open Minded Your Brains Fall Out

It is true that many signs we see in a day offer clever or thoughtful advice, but signs do not need to have a catchy slogan to get noticed. Some signs are noticed for their unique design, their size, or their location. A scrolling marquee sign, for example, can attract the attention of drivers as they sit at a stoplight. Without consciously paying attention, drivers often realize that they have read nearly every word of the advertising or announcements that scrolled by them during their brief stop.
Is Your Business Getting Noticed by Foot and Car Traffic?
And while reading clever signs and noticing scrolling marquee signs can become a habit, the lack of any kind of sign can have a negative effect on a business. For example, even if a potential customer is following a car guidance system to a certain location, it is the sign on the business that confirms that traveler’s arrival. Without a sign, your business can miss out on potential customers.
Some of the most noticeable signs for many consumers are the ones created by a LED sign company. This method of sign making is so effective, in fact, that by the year 2019, LEDs are estimated to achieve a 53% penetration of the global lighting market. An LED sign company can custom design a sign for any purpose.
Although consumers often think of signs as marking or advertising the location of a certain business, they are becoming increasingly popular for other locations as well. For example, both school and churches now frequently make use of outdoor LED display signs to inform community members about upcoming events. These signs seem to be working too. In fact, 37% of survey respondents report looking at an outdoor ad or sign each or most of the time they pass one. Why else, for example, would you be able to remember where the closest dry cleaner is to your office even though you have never dropped off or picked up clothes there?
When it comes to marketing and advertising, without proper signage your business will not get noticed. On the other hand, working with an LED sign company or another type of sign maker will help you make sure that your current and future customers notice your company name and location.

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