The Importance Of Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns In the United States

Written by Wall Street News on July 23, 2018. Posted in Direct mailing service, Distribution to mail centers, Marketing operations

When it comes to marketing operations, there are many strategies for the ideal way to launch and proceed with a marketing campaign. And online marketing strategies have become more and more popular in recent years as the average person has become more and more reliant on the internet. From social media to ads through search engines, online marketing strategies have become the focus of many marketing operations all throughout the United States. In fact, mobile ads have become so prevalent in our culture that we hardly even notice them anymore – even though more than fifty percent (fifty one percent) of the typical marketing operation is spent on them. But even though many marketing operations have begun to make a shift towards online and digital marketing and advertising strategies, many of the marketing needs of the every day person living in the United States have not changed.

This is because, simply put, direct mail marketing is still an important component of advertising strategy and marketing operations, one that all too many people dismiss far too easily and are too quick to forget about. Though a direct mail marketing campaign might seem, at first glance, antiquated and on its way out, it is actually anything but. This is because the market for digital mail marketing has actually grown by more than five percent (seven and a half percent to be more exact) over the span of the last five years, now with a worth of more than one hundred and eighty seven billion dollars, a considerable jump in just a mere half of a decade).

Much of the continued success of direct mail companies can be tied to the fact that the majority of people – more than fifty percent of them – simply prefer direct mail marketing operations to digital marketing operations, considering direct mail marketing to be the far more trustworthy method of marketing. And with as many as fifty six percent of all potential customers in the United States finding direct mail marketing operations the more trustworthy way of marketing, it’s no surprise that direct mail marketing is still going strong even as digital marketing strategies become more prominent and prevalent in our everyday lives.

Direct mailers and direct mail marketing operations are also more likely to get a better response for whatever company is doing the advertising. In fact, direct mail marketing campaigns have been found to get as many as thirty seven times the responses to their campaign than digital marketing campaigns are, a fact that will surprise many who believe that digital marketing is truly the marketing of the future. And they’re not necessarily wrong, digital marketing can be highly innovative and successful and is likely to be an influential part of advertising in the years to come. But that does not discredit the huge success that direct mail marketing is still able to obtain, especially when we consider that as many as forty percent of all direct mail marketing recipients actually make a purchase related to the direct mail marketing operations and campaigns that they have seen within three months of seeing it – and often far more quickly than that on top of things.

Marketing is hugely important in our world, and has been a key component of the success of businesses and brands for a very long time. And it is true that the evolution of marketing is another important thing, as without evolution of strategies and marketing operations, it is unlikely that continued success would have been so easily had by various companies and brands as well as various advertising strategies. Much of the innovation of recent years can be seen in the use of digital marketing, which has allowed marketing and advertising companies to take their strategies into a whole new world, using platforms such as social media (from Instagram to Facebook to even Snapchat and Twitter) and online search engines (where advertised content and web pages are often a top result). But this does not mean that direct mail marketing operations have become antiquated and out of date with no use left in them. In fact, the opposite is true.

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