The Legal System From Bankruptcy Cases to Saving the World

Written by Wall Street News on October 13, 2016. Posted in Judge james moody, Judge stephen m. orlofsky, Personal injury litigation

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In a world where 7 billion people are vying for their voices to be heard, you are bound to have a few voices that conflict with one another. And sometimes it seems almost impossible to reach any sort of agreement that both parties will be happy with. However history has taught us, and is still teaching us, as it turns out, that war and fighting are also not sufficient responses to disagreements, as they will also inevitably reach an outcome that not everyone is happy with, and likely do much more damage along the way.

This is true of fighting on any level, from the most horrific of battle situations down to the heated unmediated verbal dispute. The solution must be reached through discussion, as difficult as it may be and as impossible as it may seem. This is where legal mediation comes in, and why it is important for every community and society to have educated, fair, and reasonable lawyers and judges at the helm of the court system.

Mediation services from bankruptcy cases to international disputes

The range of possibilities for what could land an argument in a court room is vast, with numerous factors to consider. Bankruptcy cases, civil rights issues, class actions, claims of intellectual property theft and more are all issues that judges and lawyers could end up hearing and deciding upon. And of course, each case must be handled with care, as it carries great importance to the people being represented.

For judges and lawyers, each case is something to get through, to settle and move on. But the people personally involved in those cases most often have a lot on the line. A bankruptcy case could change the whole life of the person filing, depending on the outcome. So whether it is a bankruptcy case or an international dispute, proper care must be provided to cover every aspect in order for the fairest conclusion to be reached.

One of the most important cases a legal team could see

While each personal case is important, those dealing with issues that could have environmental impacts, such as oil and gas litigation, are perhaps the most crucial, as they have the potential to affect everyone on the planet to some extent. Many of the cases brought to the legal system that have to do with the environment are often in regards to a specific company, but the decisions that are made for each company add up to create the standard of how we treat the earth as a whole, and that standard has and will continue to have lasting effects.

There are plenty of environmental issues that could be tackled in the court room in some way or another. About 5,000 lives could be saved each and every year, on top of the prevention of thousands more cases of heart and respiratory disease if there was proper legislation requiring the reduction of toxic air pollution that spews from industrial factories. Over 33% of the counties in the contiguous 48 states are looking at facing higher risks of water shortages over the next few decades due to global warming. And a good portion of citizens in the United States, at 40%, say that they are worried about the quality of air, carbon emissions, volatile organic compounds, ozone issues and other similar health and environment issues. These things can be changed, but there needs to be enough focus on these serious issues to influence the types of laws that would regulate businesses and industries in the realm of how these companies impact the environment.

Those active and qualified in the courts and legal systems have the power to make a difference. And the public as a whole, if we unite our voices to raise concerns about these pressing issues that matter a great deal for the future of our species and our planet, also have power to incite change.

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