Top Five Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Business Signs

Written by Wall Street News on May 7, 2017. Posted in Mounted brochure holders, Mounted flyer holders, Vinyl tag holders

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Customers are always on the hunt for a business that will treat them right. Whether your brand is small or starting to expand its outreach across multiple stores, your efforts will always hinge on the efforts you display for your customers and customers-to-be. Marketing is a visual handshake between you and your client base, a way to present what you have to offer in as little time as possible. After all, the average customer is exposed to hundreds of advertisements every single day. Why should anyone on either side of the fence settle for less? Below are the top five tips to keep in mind when marketing yourself, from properly using glass door business signs to being artistically clever.

Never Underestimate Your Competition

Want to set yourself up for success? Don’t underestimate the competition. The average consumer will be exposed to 3,000 promotional advertisements every single day, which is nothing to say of how many new promotions are constantly put out physically and online by the minute. According to 2014 data, as well, there are over 30,000 SKUs launched on a yearly basis. Knowing what you’re up against will ensure you use your time and money more wisely.

Use All Of Your Available Resources

Why stick to just one strategy? Using a few will spread out your influence and make it easier to touch on all of the necessary marketing bases, like directing customers to your store or helping them understand your brand. Glass door business signs create a solid first impression when a curious browser visits, while an acrylic poster frame can be put nearby to direct more attention your way. A 2014 Mass Merchant Study saw over 15% of unplanned purchases due to a display noticed while browsing.

Know Your Typography Basics

Graphic design is the art of communicating intent and feeling for advertising purposes. Typography is one of the foundation elements of good graphic design and, therefore, should be high on your to-do list when crafting glass door business signs, deli signage or acrylic floor risers. Letters should be large enough to read even at a distance and sentences kept short and sweet, all the better to grab attention but not divert it unintentionally.

Polish Your Color Theory

Last, but not least, we have color theory. Even the nicest glass door business signs don’t stand a chance without solid color theory to carry it through. Primary colors are blue, yellow and red, with purple, orange and green being secondary colors. Signs should keep color schemes to a minimal two or three to avoid cluttering the eye and looking amateurish. Bright colors are more likely to appear cheery, while dark colors or backgrounds can be bold and striking in the right hands.

Treat Marketing Like A Game To Win

When playing a game you want to know the rules inside and out. Marketing is chock full of rules to adhere to and rules to be bent, all of which can be mastered with a little extra effort on your part. Graphic design and typography are communicative arts that need to be respected if they’re to give you results, while proper customer service can make or break your business for good. How much? According to a 2011 report, 86% of customers will actually pay more for a superior customer experience. Creative retail display ideas and display racks are all tools to be used to the fullest, no matter the product or service you’re selling. Step outside the box and see just what you have to offer the creative world.

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