Tracking Your Company’s Freight with Brokerware

Written by Wall Street News on April 9, 2018. Posted in Broker systems, Ltl shipment, Ltl tms


Technology has been making continuous advancements as of late. It appears that up-and-coming software has been steadily becoming better with each and every year, advancing the businesses they support by reducing the amount of man hours needed, all the while producing technically flawless data. For those working within management positions, they know how important these advancements are, as they better the workforce as a whole, ensuring that all of the company’s bases are covered. Further, for those keeping an eye on the company’s accounts, it is important that every investment and arrangement is providing the best outcome that it can.

Broker systems and broker software, often referred to as brokerware, is a management system that allows people monitoring and arranging transactions to trace the flow of goods from seller to buyer. Similarly, these brokerware systems give brokers the opportunity to analyze in-coming data, create analytical reports, and subsequently implement best accounting practices for further endeavors and arrangements.

Brokerware for transportation management, referred to as transportation management software (TMS), effectively and efficiently tracks the selling and transportation of freight between two companies. These TMS systems allow brokers to manage all shipping and transportation of freight between warehouses, all from the comfort of one location. Such services included are the ability to track carrier weight at weigh locations, tracking of freight from location to location, and the tracing of freight along its trip, ensuring that it is not moving off its given path.

Brokerware TMS with load board integration allows for brokers to share important freight information within website that are collectively used by companies involved in the transaction process, ensuring that all companies are kept up-to-date on the shipping and tracking of freight from its original warehouse to its destination.

The primary benefit of brokerware TMS is that it allows for an ever-increasing business to be further streamlined, easing the means for freight to be tracked by companies. The freight shipping business has changed over the years, particularly due to the fact of how easily materials can be shipped cross country nowadays, with nearly 25% of all freight tonnage attributed to retail sales. It’s important for a company to be able to keep a close eye on their merchandise, as the price of general freight has been steadily increasing as of late, with the value of freight moved expected to increase in value by nearly $500 over the next twenty years. Similarly, the increased rate of value means that there is a higher likelihood of freight to be stolen, with 615 cargo-theft incidents recorded just in the first three quarters of 2016. With Brokerware TMS systems, companies can continually check-in on their valuable materials to ensure that nothing has gone awry.

If you’re in the shipping and transportation business, TMS systems can help keep all of the machinations moving with efficiency and effectiveness, protecting your funds both in the present and for the future.

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