Use Great Customer Service to Help Your Business Grow

Written by Wall Street News on November 26, 2013. Posted in Customer engagement, Customer service experience, Exceptional customer experience

Great customer experience

According to statistics from the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, it can be six to seven times more expensive for businesses to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one. Because of that, owners and managers who want to ensure long-term success should place an emphasis on treating customers with respect. By making sure consumers have positive customer experiences, even when they aren’t making a purchase or are dealing with a problem, businesses will be able to build a trustworthy and reliable brand that consumers will keep coming back to visit. In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, that could make the difference between success and failure in the future.

Maintaining a great reputation is vital for companies who want to build and maintain a loyal customer base. The 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer found that shoppers are twice as likely to share the customer experiences they have that are poor than the ones they enjoy, which could be quite detrimental for businesses. The saying that “any publicity is good publicity” doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to building a better business. So treating customers with respect at all times and avoiding negative reviews is always smart.

Because of that trend, it can be extremely difficult for businesses to overcome instances in which consumers have not enjoyed outstanding customer service. Parature statistics suggest that it takes 12 great customer experiences to overcome just a single poor one, so one bad interaction could cause a business to lose a customer for life. So though it can be a bit cumbersome to make sure every customer leaves happy, putting in the effort to do so is always a smart decision.

Nowadays, many consumers are shifting to online shopping, so the customer service marketplace is changing. In addition to making sure consumers are treated properly in brick and mortar stores, businesses also need to manage online experiences. If questions or concerns are not addressed quickly, 45% of online shoppers will abandon a transaction, according to Forrester. If building a large online following is paramount to success, then managing those transactions is imperative.

Most businesses understand that treating customers with respect is vital for success over time. Even if they have a great product or service, they might struggle to keep customers if they don’t have a strong customer service program in place. But those that do could set themselves apart and give themselves the competitive edge they need to thrive. Continue: Directbuy

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