Using a Soundproof Phone Booth in the Office

Written by Wall Street News on January 21, 2019. Posted in Office soundproofing methods, Soundproof phone booth for office

The modern office is not a quiet place. Many professionals are working in a shared space, cubicles or not, to get their work done, and this involves sounds all day. Often, an employee at an office may be overwhelmed by the constant noise pollution such as other employees making phone calls, or co-workers idly chatting or gossiping or complaining, or the sounds of the air conditioning or heating, traffic outside the window, or the fax or copier machines. All of this noise can have a negative impact on how well a worker can get his or her work done, and concentration, stress levels, and error rates will all reflect an office’s level of noise pollution. But there is a solution. While some workers opt to simply work from home in remote offices, often known as virtual offices, another route is to stay at the office building while working in a soundproof phone booth for office work. To build a phone booth is to escape the constant distracting sounds and concentrate on work, and employees can approach their manager and request the installation of such a thing. How can a soundproof phone booth for office be built, and what are the results of using a soundproof office booth?

Why Build a Soundproof Phone Booth For Office Use?

Managers always want their workers to get a good day’s work done, and this can directly impact a company’s budget and performance on the markets, so a lot of research has been done to keep track of the numbers. For one thing, customer service may be negatively impacted by a noisy workplace if no one has a phone booth office space to work in. General trends of customer service show the consequences of noisy workplaces. Each year, for example, American companies lose nearly $62 billion altogether because of poor customer service, and if an employee cannot easily hear their customers over the phone, or vice versa, due to noise pollution, this can ruin everything. Nearly 33% of Americans say that they might switch companies even after just one instance of poor customer service, and an employee who cannot be heard over the phone due to their noisy workplace may have trouble dealing with customers.

The employees themselves may suffer if they do not get a soundproof phone booth for office work. They may have trouble concentrating on their work and may make errors that cost time and effort to fix, and this can build up stress levels, too. The power of phone booths can be measured by rates of how employees report their performance after getting a soundproof phone booth in the office. Many factors can be made more favorable for the employee once they are working inside a phone booth. Such a booth can eliminate around 51% of workplace conversation distractions, and this can reduce stress levels by as much as 27%. Similarly, working in such a phone booth can lower rates of work errors by 10% or so, which can save a lot of time when the employee does not have as many errors to correct. Concentration levels may be boosted as much as a huge 48%, and this can result in faster, more efficient work being done, and improve customer relations, too.

Once a phone booth is installed in the office, or several, a worker can go into one and have quieter, easier phone conversations with customers and business clients and partners alike, and enjoy a distraction-free environment. This can boost quality of customer interaction and satisfaction, and this can reflect positively in sales rates and customer satisfaction levels. This can also be useful for an inbound or outbound sales call center, since talking to a live person on the phone is still a major part of any sales funnel, despite the rise of the Internet and e-mail.

Soundproof technology can expand to hotels and motels, too. Often, noise complaints are the most common complaints among guests, and this can hurt overall customer reviews. For this reason, hotels and motels can invest in soundproof paint for their walls, and this can make customers happier and more likely to recommend a hotel to friends and family.

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