Using a Soundproof Phone Booth in the Office

Written by Wall Street News on January 21st, 2019. Posted in Office soundproofing methods, Soundproof phone booth for office

The modern office is not a quiet place. Many professionals are working in a shared space, cubicles or not, to get their work done, and this involves sounds all day. Often, an employee at an office may be overwhelmed by the constant noise pollution such as other employees making phone calls, or co-workers idly chatting or gossiping or complaining, or the sounds of the air conditioning or heating, traffic outside the window, or the fax or copier machines. All of this noise can have a negative impact on how well a worker can get his or her work done, and concentration, stress levels, and error rates will all reflect an office’s level of noise pollution. But there is a solution. While some workers opt to simply work from home in remote offices, often known as virtual offices, another route is to stay at the office building while working in a soundproof phone booth for office work. To build a phone booth is to escape the constant distracti