What Type of Natural Stone Can I Use For My Home Renovation?

Written by Wall Street News on September 27, 2017. Posted in Ceramic, Marble slabs for sale, Porcelain slab for sale

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Natural stone slabs are a popular choice when updating your home decor. Hard materials such as marble have been used for building, art, and design since early Egyptian and Mesopotamian times thousands of years ago. While your home may not require fancy architectural stone work, you will want to take note of the best natural stone slabs to use for your project.

Your Guide to Natural Stone Slabs: What Works, What Doesn’t.

About 93% of home kitchen renovators are choosing to work with natural stone for their countertops. The natural stone for sale at your local home improvement store might be overwhelming if you walk in with little to no information. Terms such as vitreous and impervious might not mean much to you. Here’s what you’ll want to know.

The Types of Natural Stone Slabs Appropriate For Floors And Countertops.

You’ve heard of homes with granite countertops, and perhaps have seen the luxurious marble entryways of some establishments. But the natural stone slabs for sale at various home stores also includes slate, sandstone, limestone, and travertine. It is important to remember that some stone is more appropriate than others for high traffic areas.

What’s the Criteria For Comparing Types of Natural Stone?

Stone is judged by certain characteristics. These features tell the buyer how durable and porous the slab will be. The appropriate terms are:

    1. Impervious.This type completely resists any spilled water.

    2. Vitreous. This type is okay to use for indoor areas with a normal amount of traffic.

    3. Semi-Vitreous. This type is not a good choice for areas that will experience spills.

    4. Non-Vitreous. Do not use this type in areas that will receive any amount of liquid as it is very porous.

Natural stone works best if it is treated to reduce its porousness. The treatment may need to be reapplied periodically, and depending on the type of stone selected. Some homeowners consider this a drawback of installing stone countertops or flooring. However, properly maintained stone can last a very long time, which is attractive to homeowners who are willing to keep up on maintenance.

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