Why It is Important to Consider a Fire Alarm

Written by Wall Street News on January 24, 2018. Posted in Fire protection services in atlanta, Fire sprinkler installation in atlanta, Fire sprinkler system design

Fire alarm inspections atlanta

Fire alarm installations are very important in a variety of households and businesses. Your home or business should never go without a fire alarm, in fact, even when you know you have ‘been careful.’ Too many people choose not to put a fire alarm in their apartment building or business where they hold many assets, only for a fire to start without any indication and wipe out everything within a matter of hours. If you care about your home or business, then you want to consider all types of fire protection services and remember fire alarm installations as well as fire alarm repair for when something goes wrong.

Many People Choose to Not Maintain Their Systems

Many people who have fire alarms believe that they do not need maintenance and that they can survive on their own. But what happens if you don’t properly maintain your fire alarm system and, at that very moment, a fire starts? Will you know it started in enough time for everybody to make it out safe, and for your business or home to be spared? You see, this is why maintenance is important, because we consider the preventative matters.

Lack of maintenance, for instance, caused 44% of dry or wet chemical system failures between the years of 2006-2010. And, from 2004-2006, electrical malfunction issues caused about 19% of non-confined fires that began in hospital settings. The truth is, fire systems keep us safe every year, and continue to save lives. The combination of early warning systems and sprinklers, in fact, are known to reduce damage, injuries, and loss of life at a rate of 50%. Everything can be lost in a bad fire in the blink of an eye. Every year, hotel and motel fires result in about $76 million in property loss, which could have easily been prevented with fire detection services.

Businesses actually have a duty to provide and maintain these services today. For U.S.. small data centers below 2,500 square feet, an Early Warning Fire Detection system is actually a requirement. With so many people taking the leap into fire protection services, why would you ignore it for your home or business?

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