Why Pharmaceuticals Need to Be Packaged Ever So Carefully for Transport

Written by Wall Street News on August 18, 2016. Posted in Drug quality and security act, Pharmaceutical and medical packaging, Serialization pharma

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Pharmaceuticals need to be kept free from all kinds of contamination including microbial growth. In order to make sure that the product remains safe throughout the entire shelf life, the way that it is packaged is critical. There are different ways that this is done including blister packaging designs and other types of clinical packaging.

Part of the reason why pharmaceutical packaging is so important is because what is being transported is incredibly sensitive. For example, it could be dangerous to be packaged correctly so products like pre filled syringe pharmaceutical packaging need to be carefully looked at. Hills and medicines need to be transported safely in order to avoid contamination as well as the theft.

Pre filled syringe pharmaceutical packaging is a great example of how far medical packaging has come in the recent years. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of this type of clinical storage.

This section might be better named flexibility as well. One of the great things about pre filled syringe pharmaceutical packaging is that it doesn’t have to be one shape. Depending on the size and shape of the syringe or whatever is going into the package, it can be made in different shapes and sizes. The most important thing is that you cannot be opened easily once it is sealed.

Blister packaging companies work very hard to make sure that all of their packages are able to be customized to meet The clients needs. A lot of pharmaceutical companies actually require their packaging to be customized especially when it comes to injectable products. Pre filled syringe pharmaceutical packaging really benefits from being customized because it shows the client which packages have injectable parts that could cause damage to the transporters. Packaging can be customized to different colors, styles and container options.

Information Center
Blister packaging companies will usually offer a writing service. This is so any information that is pertinent can be written on the package it self. Things like lot numbers and expiration dates are printed on the packaging, usually for quality control. Something else that can be written on the packages is advertisements. If a product goes well with another product then this can be written on the package to inform the consumer of this capability.

Other Options
Besides blister packaging there are several other ways that pharmaceuticals can be securely packaged and transported. Bottle packaging can be done in such a way that the lids are childproof. Pouch packaging is use quite a lot for pharmaceuticals because it makes measuring easier as it can be done in the pouch. Cartoning is another option for pharmaceutical packaging because it gives the capability of including labeled vials and other product information as well as instructions for the product. However, blister packaging remains the most common way to package pharmaceuticals, at least in the United States.

The main priority a pharmaceutical packaging and safety. Safety from thieves, safety from contamination, safety from the atmosphere, safety from consumers, etc. If a package can be easily open then it defeats the purpose of being securely sealed. It should be very obvious when the package has been tampered with. If the type of packaging that is used can be resealed without someone noticing that it has been opened in the first place, then that can pose serious danger to the consumer and major liability to the pharmacy and the packaging company.

Whatever packaging is chosen for pharmaceuticals, other than being safe and secure the goal is to get the product from point A to point B with as little impact as possible. Being able to get from the distribution center to the shelf without harm is a bigger feat than one might expect.

Pharmaceutical packaging companies pride themselves on their ability to protect the product and helping to maintain its integrity no matter what it has to go through during transportation. Transporting pharmaceuticals should not shorten the shelf life and using blister packaging and similar types will ensure that. If that is not done, then there is no point in having the packaging company continue to seal products Simply put, medical supplies must be protected and secured for the safety of everyone involved.

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