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Hiring an Executive Coach for Better Work

Written by Wall Street News on January 16th, 2019. Posted in Career coach, Od consultant, Organizational development consultant

Self-improvement is sought by many Americans, whether for health and diet, work and careers, skills, or spiritual growth, and the American self-improvement industry stands at an impressive $9 billion in value today. Some of this self-improvement can be highly effective for a workplace like an office, and an executive manager at a company may hire an executive coach so that can function even better as a boss and as a person who must connect with the other people around them. After all, an executive is no ordinary pencil-pusher; this person’s decisions, effort, and their ability (or lack thereof) to motivate others can make a major difference in how well or badly a business functions, and that means that clients, customers, and profits are all on the line and are riding on how well an executive can work. If an executive feels that he or she could do a better job, or if that manager receives feedback to the same effect, an executive coach can be found and hired for the job. A career coach