Advantages to LiDAR Detection in Aerial Surveying and Mapping Applications

Written by Wall Street News on February 12th, 2020. Posted in Civil engineering company in florida, Lidar survey cost, Lidar survey costa rica

Over the recent past, lidar technology has become one of the hallmarks of the evo9lving technological worlds. It therefore comes as no surprise that engineers are implementing this technology in many applications in order to align their technological goals with an efficient system for aerial mapping. So what is lidar technology? Some of the industries that have increasingly implemented lidar technology are the construction and the automotive industries. What happens is that lidar detection systems are used in among other applications survey assessments, floodplain mapping, urban planning, coastal engineering, hydrology, landscape ecology, forest inventory, volumetric calculations and geomorphology. In terms of its application, lidar mapping companies in usa combine lidar surveying and photogrammetry with GIS to visualize, manage and disseminate data. So what is lidar technology best