Which Type of Chiller Is Right for the Job?

Written by Wall Street News on September 17th, 2019. Posted in Air coolers, Elanco, Thermal management

Air cooled and water cooled are the two types of chillers available for industrial manufacturing companies. Water chillers are usually installed indoors and tend to last much longer than air chillers. Which type of chiller is right for your processes? To start, it takes a manufacturer of chillers and accessories that offers products that perfectly fit many applications.

There are many manufacturers of heat transfer products created by companies ready to help you increase your profits while providing energy efficient and effective cooling processes guaranteed to reduce manufacturing times. Time means money and a manufacturer of chillers such as Advantage know that product quality is what you are looking for the most when it comes to chillers whether air or water types.

Which Type of Advantage Chillers Should You Order?

When it comes to chillers, an Advantage e

Why the Heat Exchanger Market is Poised to Grow

Written by Wall Street News on June 14th, 2017. Posted in Elanco, Fuel oil heaters, Temptek


Heat exchangers have a wide application in a number of different industries, ranging from automobiles to vegetable oil processing, and more. By conserving and transferring heat, they make the process more environmentally friendly. They are also central to the overall safety of the equipment and those who handle it. Equipment like heat exchangers and pressure vessels are essential for the efficient functioning of a number of industrial and mechanical processes.

A widely used process
Heat transfer is a widely used industrial process. It is used in such diverse processes as space heating, refrigeration, air conditions, power stations, chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries, natu