Are You Considering Invoice Factoring? Here Is How It Works

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One of the biggest challenges facing a majority of the 28 million-plus small businesses in the country today is cash flow. This challenge is compounded by the fact that many banks are afraid of giving mainstream loans to finance their operations. This is mostly due to lack of well-kept records and collateral. It should, however, not discourage them from seeking other financing options.

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring services refer to an arrangement made between businesses and financiers in which businesses turn over their invoices to a financier in return for cash. The financier, in this case, is also known as a factor. Typically, the arrangement is made for invoices that are due in 90 days.

If you are in business, the factor gives you 80% of the invoice amount upfront. The remaining 20%, less the factor’s fee is cleared once the invoice is paid. Invoices in business to business (B2B) and business to government (B2G) transactions are considered safe.

Look for Companies that are Members of the International Factoring Association

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One of the problems faced by many small businesses is maintaining liquid finances while waiting for invoices to be paid. Depending on the type of business and their clients, invoices may commonly take weeks, if not months to be paid. This can create a cash crisis for the small business.

Many small business may opt for business loans or lines of credit that will provide the needed cash, but also increase the amount of debt the companies carries. While this may relieve the short-term cash gap, it will create a larger one down the road as you run into the same problem but now have an additional monthly bill to pay.

Invoice factoring allows companies to sell their unpaid invoices for up to 90% of the total amount. The factoring company than works on collecting the invoice amount from the client. This provides the small business with the cash they need upfront for invoices that will typically take weeks to pay.

Invoice factoring has become increasingly common within the fre

The Importance Of Business Factoring Companies For Small Businesses In The United States of America

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For the small business in the United States, making ends meet can be difficult, and business factoring companies are here to help, from general business factoring companies to trucking factoring companies and the like. After all, small businesses are hugely important to the country of the United States as well as the people living here. And with more than twenty five million small business scattered all throughout the county, small businesses even make up more than ninety five percent (ninety nine percent, to be more exact) of all businesses that can be found in the United States alone. The small business is important, but small businesses are often the first victims of rough economic periods. Small businesses can’t handle financial blows quite as well as big chain stores can, and this shows in the success rate of the typical small business.

Much of this lost money that can be so detrimental to the typical small business comes directly from a lack of paid invoices. And even if an