The Basics of Tool Presetters

Written by Wall Street News on May 24th, 2013. Posted in Presetter, Tool presetters, Tool setter

Tool setters

Manufacturing shops today often require the use of a tool presetter. What do tool presetters do? They are a lathe device used to quickly determine what the tool geomery offsets are on the Z and C axis. The turrent position is recorded on the offset screen whenever the tool tip contacts probe surfaces.

Tool setters can be helpful in making a shop become more disciplined. They will not only become better at measuring tools, but also at managing them. Tool setters also decrease set up time, and when time is money, this can lead to increased efficiency, and increased profits. Most presetters can even measure out to several decimal points of exactness.

What happens when you do not use tool setters? Accuracy can be reduced, especially since it often relies more on human calculations, which are fallable. Tools that are not preset can wear out quicker, which costs both money and time to the manufacturing. When machines do not know the measurements of the tools, they can becoming unreliable. Non calibrated tools can also produce manufacturing components are are a little less accurate and uniform than they could be. Tool setters allow for the production of higher quality products. See this link for more references.