When Your Company Will Undergo an Audit

Written by Wall Street News on May 3rd, 2019. Posted in Continuous monitoring and evaluation of controls t, Evaluation of the underlying processes systems and, Prioritization of risks

A company is a large, professional entity that will both earn and spend money during its operation. No matter its size, a company needs risk management assessment, prioritization of risks, supply chain management, and more to keep its finances and activities safe. Whether a company is a small game shop, a large department store, or a massive international shipping corporation, internal audit outsourcing may be necessary to get all finances in line. Auditing is an essential job to perform on any company, and sometimes this labor is best left to professionals who can be hired for that work. Internal audits can only do so much; a manager may choose internal audit outsourcing if an audit calls for expertise in the auditor. What is there to know about internal audit outsourcing? Why might internal audit outsourcing be necessary?

Auditing as