The Four Components of Vibratory Finishing

Written by Wall Street News on February 26, 2019. Posted in Giant vibratory tumbler for sale, Metal vibratory tumbler, Tank tumbler

Vibratory finishing is a manufacturing process that can deburr and clean large portions of small parts at one time. A specific material or substance is added to the vibratory finishing machine to add a finish to the work pieces in the batch. The contents of the finishing tumbler are vibrated, rubbing the material and work pieces together to create the desired finished result.

There are four components that are key to vibratory finishing and they are parts, media, compound solutions, and equipment. We will go over each below and discuss what they do and why they matter.


Parts are obviously an important component of running vibratory finishing equipment. Without parts to finish there is no use for the equipment to begin with. You can add large batches of small pieces to the vibratory tumbler to finish large numbers of parts at one time. This helps your company save a lot of time and money.


Media is the substance added to the machine that helps to finish the parts. It provides multiple functions such as separating parts, protecting them from machine damage, and deburring the pieces. It is important to add media to your machine when you use it or you can end up with damaged parts that you can’t use.

Compound Solution

The compound solution is used for controlling the environment within the machine, such as pH levels and water hardness. It’s usually a foam that helps aid in the cleaning and finishing process and too much or too little of it can cause problems in the process.


The equipment is the machine itself. It is the tumbler you pour all of the above elements in and what causes the vibrating action. Having a quality piece of equipment can speed up the finishing process and create better parts.

Vibratory Finishing Equipment for Sale

You can find vibratory deburring machines for sale online and order them with ease. One great option is to look for a Mr Deburr for sale. These are quality machines that you can order straight from the work computer and have shipped to your facility. If you need help speeding up finishing processes in your facility then you should consider giving this equipment a try.

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