Taking A Look At School Signs And Other Types Of Signage

Written by Wall Street News on September 19, 2018. Posted in Digital signs for business, Electric business signs, Outdoor signs for schools

From a school marquee sign to LED business signs, there is no doubt about it that signage is important in our world. Signs inform us of much of our day to day lives, and their importance certainly cannot be discounted or discredited. In fact, the typical person who lives in the United States is likely to see three thousand or more advertisements and other such signage in just one single day. Though we don’t necessarily give signs like a school marquee sign or electric business signs all that much conscious thought, there’s no doubt about it that they impact how we think, how we feel, and what we do – including, perhaps most importantly of all, what we buy.

Billboards in particular present an excellent opportunity for signage. After all, many different people use highways to commute back and forth from work nearly every single day. If you’re driving safely (as we all should be), driving can be a somewhat boring and monotonous thing, especially if you get stuck in that rush hour traffic that we are all far too familiar with. Looking at billboards can be something that you do to break up that monotony and to make your time in the car pass by all the faster. In fact, up to seventy percent of all people, all drivers, say that they take note of the billboards that they pass while they are on the road. And the data backs this up, showing that more than fifty five percent of all people who drive by such billboards (fifty eight percent, to be more exact) learn about not a business but a specific event, such as a festival or a concert (etc.), that they realize they have an interest in attending, something that would have happened, had they not seen that billboard. And the same percentage of adults in the United States – fifty eight percent – have seen billboards advertising restaurants and gone to said restaurant directly because of the billboard. For some people, for most people, billboards have at some point opened the door to new and exciting experiences that should not and cannot be discounted or discredited.

Of course, signs do more than advertise goods and services, though this is of course an important part of what they do. Signs also convey important information without selling anything at all, however. Take the school marquee sign. The average school marquee sign will be placed in front of the typical school building. A school marquee sign is easily visible, and provides the community surrounding the school with important information relating to the goings on of said school. From dates of important tests to school sporting events and concerts, a school marquee board – particularly a scrolling marquee sign – can convey quite a bit of information when things are all said and done. If you decide to have such a sign for your school, it is worth it to consider an outdoor LED display.

Outdoor LED school signs have many considerable advantages over other types of school marquee signs. For one, they are incredibly attention grabbing. LED lights are known for being bright, much brighter than the typical halogen bulbs, and this will grab the attention of anyone who passes it by. On top of this, LED light bulbs are typically very energy friendly and have incredibly long life spans. This is great for the environment and will also be relatively low cost, even if the school marquee sign is turned on for most of the day and even into the night (when it is likely to attract the most attention with its lights).

Signs matter, from school marquee signs with LED lights to signs for the government, signs for churches, and signs for advertisements (which we perhaps see most of all). Signs help to convey important information in our world and help to steer us in the right direction of said information. Signs matter, and should thus be treated accordingly. From school marquee signs to other such signs, all signs play an important role in the world around us, whether we actively notice or not.

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