What You Should Know About Signage In The United States

Written by Wall Street News on February 14, 2020. Posted in Digital signs for business, Led sign board, Led signs

For many people, signage is something that is somewhat ignored throughout the course of day to day life. However, signage can play quite the big role in how we go about our lives – even if we do not actively realize that signage has this impact. After all, consider the role of signage for businesses.

On site signage alone can be as effective as taking out as many as 24 full page newspaper ads over the course of just one single year. This type of signage comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from wall decals to free standing sign holders to pamphlets and promo cards left at the check out counter. Even a well-designed price tag might fall under the category of on site signage. Ultimately, items that are advertised through the use of on site signage tend to sell up to 20% better than items that are not – even when all items in question are being sold at full price with no discount or sale. Therefore, it is clear that on site signage is just about crucial for any given brick and mortar retail establishment.

In addition to this, billboards also serve an important role when it comes to signage. After all, more than one third of all people notice all the billboards that they pass by. And more than 70% of all surveyed people notice at least some of the billboards that they come into contact with – even if they are not exactly paying attention to all of them. With very nearly 70% of all drivers making at least some of their shopping decisions while still in the car, it stands to reason that billboards of all kinds have the potential to make quite a big difference – perhaps even bigger than you might think.

This difference can be seen in the data that has been gathered on the subject, data that suggests that more than 55% of all adults have found a restaurant they liked from a billboard, as well as an event that they were interested in attending (which many of them did end up actually attending). And around one third of all people who see an advertisement for a retail locaiton of interest will go to said location within a week after first seeing it on the billboard. Therefore, the potential for advertising on billboards is a high one, of this there is no doubt.

And signage can be used for purposes outside of advertising as well, such as in the case of school marquee signs. The school marquee sign is something that can help to connect with the greater student body (and their parents and guardians too, of course) and let them know about important student events. For instance, school marquee signs can be used to highlight various types of student accomplishments, from the academic to the artistic to the athletic. In addition to this, important student events can also be shown on school marquee boards and other types of outdoor signs for schools like school electronic signs. From sporting events to school plays to band concerts, many schools host a number of different events throughout the course of the typical year. Ultimately, having as much information about these events as is possible is something that can benefit the school community as a whole. School marquee boards can even just be used to note school dates of closing and opening, something that also serves an incredibly useful and practical role.

In addition to school marquee signs and other such outdoor school signs, signs for churches are also commonplace. Church signage can be seen all throughout the entirety of the United States, as churches themselves are quite popular throughout the country. Church signs typically utilize a number of different messages. from scripture to inspirational quotes to even just worship service times and the like. Ultimately, church signage is used in many similar ways as school marquee signs are.

At the end of the day, there is no denying, in any way, that signage of all kinds is a hugely important thing indeed. These signs can be used for spreading information as well as a powerful tool of advertising.

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