Taking a Look At The Paving Industry Of The United States

Written by Wall Street News on September 26, 2018. Posted in Parking lot sweeping, Pavement service, Pavement striping

From speed humps to striping parking spots, there are many aspects to cultivating the ideal road. In fact, the ideal road is one that is carefully planned out, and carefully maintained, complete with speed humps when they are necessary as well as materials such as sealing concrete and sidewalk repair materials when they are needed.

And our roads are hugely important things. After all, without roads, how could we easily drive our cars and other such motor vehicles from one point to the next? We need roads, and we need our roads to be in good condition. When the upkeep of our roads, of our speed humps, of our sidewalks and more is not as thorough as it should be, it can have quite a few negative consequences.

For one, the damage to the cars and other such motor vehicles that drive on roads and speed humps that have not been well kept and maintained can be considerable. Wear and tear on a car can add up to some major problems and if you are someone who drives on a poorly kept up road on a regular basis, it is more likely than not that you’ll end up with a cumulative four hundred dollars in damages – if not even more than that.

Having a well kept road is also likely to actually make the road itself last longer between repairs and servicing (though such servicing and maintenance should still be happening on a fairly regular basis). Data more than backs this up, showing that a road that is smooth is up to ten percent to twenty five percent longer lasting than a road that is not and is broken up (though speed humps that are well cared for and maintained do not necessarily count as breaking up a road in this way).

On top of this, keeping a road and all that goes with it, from the speed bumps to the sidewalks, in good condition is actually a great way to protect our environment. This is due to the fact that roads that are smoother require cars to use less fuel to get over them. When a road is bumpy and not particularly well cared for, cars must expend more energy just to drive. This energy wastes about ten percent more gas than the car would have ended up using up if it had been driving on a smooth and well paved road, speed bumps or no. And while this is certainly hugely beneficial to the environment all around the world, smoothly paved roads no matter where it is that you might go can also save the average driver a considerable amount of money.

Fortunately, the United States alone funnels quite a bit of money in the care and keeping of our roads, though not all have been well maintained. The road servicing industry has also led to the creation of quite a few jobs. At this current date, there are more than one hundred and ninety five hundred thousand businesses working in this realm of road maintenance and care. Throughout the country and throughout these businesses, more than two hundred and eighty thousand people are employed, a number that is only likely to keep growing in the years that are to come.

And this industry of paving and pavement services has brought in quite a bit of money to the economy of the United States from the care and keeping of highways to the care and keeping of residential streets with speed bumps placed strategically throughout them. Overall, this one industry alone has a total market value that now exceeds thirty six billion dollars per year. Impressive by any means, it helps to show the incredible worth and necessity of the paving industry and the care and keeping of our roads not only throughout the country but throughout our world as a whole.

From speed humps to highways, all of our roads here in the United States are vital to everyone who lives here. Keeping them up to date and functioning in the way that they should be is incredibly important for a number of reasons least of all public safety and well being.

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