What Type of Sign Your Business Should Use in the Very Beginning

Written by Wall Street News on August 30, 2016. Posted in Digital led business signs, Digital led sign boards

Digital led business signs

Signs are still powerful forms of advertisement for companies. As long as people drive, walk, take the bus or do any form of traveling around town, billboards and other types of signs will attract attention. There are certain marketing strategies that can be used on signs to make them more appealing to certain target audiences but over all, a big sign will catch a potential consumer’s eye, that’s just the way it is. Technology has made it possible to have so many different kinds of signs, particularly digital signs for businesses. You could use all of any of these depending on your budget. Let’s go over just a few types that are available.

LED Signs
These are the types of signs that you see inside shops that are used as ‘open’ signs or in bars as decor. Having LED business signs outside can attract a lot of attention to the building, especially at night time. Some businesses like to have the signs portray snippets of information such as ’20% off’ or ‘Buy one get one free.’ These types of messages entice people to come in and look around. Outdoor LED displays are also used to show the destinations on buses or trains and other public transport vehicles. Taxis, for instance, are a type of business because most of them are private and independent contractors. Having an LED light up display that shows people when they are available for hire gets them more customers.

Digital Signs
LED lights could be considered a type of digital signs for businesses. Others use LCD and projection. Digital signage is becoming increasingly popular because you do not have to manually change the message; you just do it from the computer. Digital signs for businesses could also include the computers of flight information at airports or the signs advising of any available spots in a parking garage. There’s a lot of different ways that digital signage can be used. Another reason why more businesses are going digital for their signs is because this means that you aren’t limited to just words on your screens. You could have videos playing or show images of what’s going on inside.

Marquee Signs
These kinds of signs are still used because they are affordable and still effective. While you don’t have the option of avoiding the outdoors when changing the message, once the job is done, the sign as the same effect as a digital sign for less than half the price. Marquees are usually used by start up companies and small business because they can’t yet afford the digital signs for businesses. Once they get a little more established then they can spend money on things like digital signs and light up messages but in the beginning, it’s low on the priority list and marquee signs get the job done.

Billboard Signs
Billboards are not typically placed outside the business establishment itself. They are more often placed around the city in order to draw attention to the business to people who would otherwise not pass by the store front. Big lettering attracts the eye, so even people driving by may see the billboard and remember later. For example, if you saw a huge billboard with information regarding computer repairs, you may not think much of it then. However, later that week when your lap top shuts down without warning, your brain will bring that billboard back to the front of your mind. This is because it still remembers it even if you are not actively thinking about it.

Signs are to get the message out there that you exist. However you do that, with whatever kind of sign, the point is to broadcast your business. Especially if you are just starting out, you need to take advantage of every type of marketing that is out there. From signs to social media and other resources, it’s not hard to get your name out there, you just have to work at it. It may cost you a little initially but the customers that you will gain from the advertising will pay for the signs eventually. Basically, it will all be worth it in the end.

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