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An Overview Of Storing Vaccines

Written by Wall Street News on March 7th, 2019. Posted in Freezer for pharmaceuticals, Lab freezer, Undercounter lab refrigerator

One of the most crucial pieces of equipment, besides the doctors themselves, are medical refrigerators and freezers. Now, these are not for storing foods and drinks, no. Their primary use is freezing, or cooling, vaccines and medical samples. However, these are not to be used for storing blood.

What use do you get from medical refrigerators and freezers? An estimated $20 million worth of vaccines spoil every single year because of inconsistent refrigeration. When vaccines have the power to prevent 2.5 million and more deaths annually, consistent refrigeration is essential and should be top priority.

How can I prevent spoiling? First, assigning a vaccine coordinator will streamline the process. They must, of course, be qualified for the job. Their job is monitor, maintain and catalog all vaccines that enter and leave the facility. Failure to appoint a vaccine coordinator will cost more money leaving it up to the hands of a few, thereby increasing the chances of mistakes made.