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Create a Traveling Business with Shipping Containers

Written by Wall Street News on March 5th, 2019. Posted in Cargo container delivery, Classroom containers for sale, Pop up containers

The way that businesses are created and run changes as time goes on. More options are becoming available and some even offer the ability to travel with your business. This can come in handy for marketing purposes if you want promote your company at places such as festivals or trade shows. Whether you’re a restaurant or a company that sells products rather than food, you should consider the idea of using modified shipping container to do your business.

From a shipping crate restaurant to a shipping container studio, you can take your work anywhere with this innovative housing choice.

Promote at Events

One benefit of using custom shipping containers to travel with your business is the ability to market yourself at different events. You can go where the crowd is instead of waiting for people to come to you. Promoting your work at festivals

Protecting Workers and Surfaces During Construction

Written by Wall Street News on March 5th, 2019. Posted in Carpet shield, Corrugated, Temporary floor protection

Construction is a massive industry in the United States, as there is constant demand to build new homes, office buildings, malls, banks, and more. Many construction crews will be hard at work on a project, but as the adage goes, safety first. This applies not only to the workers, but also to the finished materials they are working with. Paint and paint thinner, silicate dust, glue, and more might get onto a surface and ruin it, such as drywall, floor tiles, or door jambs or even glass. For this reason, plastic sheets can be spread across the floor or door jamb protectors may be used as well. This can prevent time-consuming cleanup work if construction materials end up on a surface where they weren’t meant to go. During work, any responsible construction worker will use door jamb protectors, floor protection, a carpet shield, and more to keep everything neat and tidy. And o

The Importance of Using Environmentally Friendly Materials for Your Playground

Written by Wall Street News on March 5th, 2019. Posted in Plastic garden fence panels, Plastic lumber manufacturers, Weather resistant landscaping

Playground equipment has been installed in homes and yards for decades, as more and more parents are realizing the importance of installing playsets. These playground systems manage to get kids excited to go outside, where they are more active and can enjoy the fresh air. They also allow children to further develop their cognitive abilities, as well as improve emotional and social development. As a result of these benefits, children who visit playgrounds – or have one in their own yard – are more likely to be physically active and develop critical social skills that they will continue to use throughout their lives.

And in today’s society, many parents are beginning to realize that the materials used to build the equipment are just as important as the playground itself. That’s why so many families are relying on environmentally friendly options, such as recycled plastic lumber