The Unknown Benefits of Simple LED Sign Marketing

Written by Wall Street News on February 20, 2017. Posted in Digital signs for business, Electronic signs, School led signs

School electronic signs

Driving down any major freeway you have probably noticed a wide variety of signage. There is likely to be signs for local restaurants, hotels, and even entertainment attractions in nearby cities. The purpose of these signs is to grab your attention. Although the direct marketing goal is to entice you to visit the advertised store, LED signs and electronic signs along the freeway have other marketing benefits.

Creates brand awareness

Most city residents travel the same freeways daily. They probably take the same route to work and school and notice the same LED signs along their route. The signs might become so common to you that you really don?t pay attention to them after some time. However, the frequencies of which you have viewed these signs have created brand awareness in your mind. If you are to visit a group of stores with no preferences over any of them, you are likely to choose the one you have seen more signs for lately.

This is called brand awareness and it can be created in a variety of ways. You may have brand awareness from frequent advertisements in the mail, commercial viewings, or from those LED signs along your transportation route. Approximately 71% of people often look at the messages on roadside billboards (traditional and digital combined). Even though you once ignored those signs, you might find that you are now looking for their existence when traveling on other roads.

Creates interest

Have any of the local LED signs ever caused you to wonder about their meaning? Many advertisement campaigns attempt to invoke interest or confusion in people. They might ask a tough question or provide you with a shocking statistic. You might turn directly to your phone for confirmation or for the answer to that question. The increased time you spent thinking about the advertisement places that business in your mind for a longer period of time. Digital signs that make you wait for additional information to scroll serve the same purpose.

Provides you with a daily reminder

You may also notice that local churches and schools use LED signs. These school LED signs provide information about community events, fundraisers, and closing information. A student who tells you about an upcoming school event in a couple of months is not very effective. Even if you decided you wanted to attend the event, you are likely to forget about it without regular reminders. However, if the local school provides you with regular LED signs about the event, you are much more likely to remember, and to actually attend the event. Approximately 58% of poll respondents 18 years and older learned about an event they were interested in attending from a billboard.

Increases income

LED signs increase business and city income in a variety of ways. Firstly, when customers are aware of a local business, they are more likely to seek out its location and try it. Potential customers also have the ability to learn about store discounts and sales, resident discounts, and store prices when they regularly see LED signs related to that business. Of poll respondents, 26% noted a phone number or web site address (28%) written on an outdoor billboard. The ability to obtain further information about the store often translated into higher income.

LED municipal signs can actually create additional income for a city by increasing tourism. When a city allows LED signs of local special and interesting attractions, more non local residents are likely to visit the city. The more visitors that a city attracts from these LED municipal signs, the more income the city receives as a result. More visitors can also attract a higher demand and desire to move into the said city.

Marketing is a complex science. It requires action and an obtainable goal. LED signs, just one example of a local marketing option, actually achieves much more than increase profits of a local business. A simple LED sign can also create brand awareness, increase a cities residency counts, notify residents of discounts, and remind you daily of the business. These purposes often result in an increase in business visits, also increasing the profits and success of that business.

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