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What Is Your Favorite Go to Solution for Plumbing Leaks?

Written by Wall Street News on October 17th, 2019. Posted in Black hose clamp, Stainless-steel clamp

You can’t fix stupid.
It may not have been professional, but those are exactly the words that came out of the mouth of the emergency maintenance worker who showed up in your daughter’s apartment on a Sunday afternoon. And while your daughter was in her first month of being in her first non dorm apartment, the unprofessional comment was not directed at her. In fact, the maintenance worker thanked your daughter for so quickly shutting off the water source at the wall when she realized that the brand new washing machine in her apartment was leaking. Your daughter had also made use of nearly every towel she owned to start mopping up the mess.
Upon arrival, the maintenance worker quickly found the problem: no one had attached the drain hose to the machine. The stainless steel clamps were still taped to the unattached hose on the back of the machine. Fortunately, you