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Maintenance Supervisors and Plant Managers Oversee the Safety of Both Smokestacks and Chimneys

Written by Wall Street News on October 21st, 2019. Posted in Industrial chimney company, Industrial chimney maintenance, Smoke stack inspection

This is the time of year when the chimneys across a city or small town become more noticeable. As the temperatures drop and the smoke and steam hang heavy in the air, it is easy to pick out the smokestacks of all sizes on an early morning drive to work or early evening walk. And while these smoke stacks may not be noticeable year round to the average person, they serve an important role in the functionality of many industries, buildings, and warehouses.
As buildings become bigger and bigger there is an increase in not only the number of industrial chimneys, but also in the height of these smokestacks. In fact, according to studies from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Government Accountability Office, there has been an increase in U.S. smokestacks taller than 500 feet in the last four years. Often times, whenever a new smokestack goes up, there is also a chimney demolition of an older tower that is no longer useful.
Finding a way to make sure that these chimney