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How Customer Service Helps Improve Customer Retention

Written by Wall Street News on October 23rd, 2019. Posted in Outbound sales calls, Performance marketing group, Reactivate inactive customers

Customer retention plays a vital role in increasing the revenue of a company. Therefore, every business should work on reducing the rate of customer defection. This is because customer engagement is vital in the growth of a business, especially in the cosmetic, beauty, and wellness fields.

Reports show that to make a purchase, 64% of clients consider customer experience than price. Therefore, your company should put more importance on customer experience to maintain a high number of clients. Here are customer service tips that help improve customer retention.

Appreciate Your Customers

Your company has the phone numbers and emails of clients, and therefore it is easier to appreciate the customers. Thank you notes work tremendously in making a client feel valued. Wish them happy birthdays and text them happy messages during public holidays.

Appreciating clients also includes texting them whenever there is an offer or discount that they don’t miss ou